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The Fresno Asthmatic Children's Environment Study (FACES), under the direction of Drs.  Ira Tager and Katharine Hammond at the University of California, Berkeley,  began in 2000 with approximately 300 children enrolled in the study.  Now in its ninth year, data collection has ended but the study is still going strong as investigators analyze data from the last eight years and publish their results.

As the study moves forward, we are dedicated to maintaining our relationship with study participants as well as health and education agencies in the Central Valley.

We invite you to explore our newly revamped website and learn about the work we've been doing in Fresno.





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FACES at AAAR’s “Air Pollution and Health: Bridging the Gap from Sources to Health Outcomes.”

FACES was a large presence at the 2010 American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) Specialty Conference entitled “Air Pollution and Health: Bridging the Gap from Sources to Health Outcomes.”  Seven team members from FACES presented posters of their work on the study and two team members were invited to speak about their work in Platform Sessions between March 22nd and 26th in San Diego.  Below you will find a list of the presenters and their work.   



Ekaterina Eliseeva. “A marriage of machine learning methods and causal inference parameters to derive counterfactual dose-response curves for air pollution and respiratory outcomes”.

Jonathan M. Snowden. “Health Effects of Air Pollution Mixtures: A Causal Inference Approach.”

Elizabeth M. Noth. “Modeling Individual Daily Exposure Estimates for PAHs for an Asthma Epidemiology Study.”

Fred Lurmann. “Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Ambient Endotoxin Concentrations in Fresno, California.”

S. Katharine Hammond. “Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Ambient PAHs in Fresno.”

Cameron McDonald-Hyman. “Epigenetic Modifications of Foxp3 Locus are Associated with Asthma in Children exposed to High Levels of Ambient Air Pollution.”

Amy Padula. “The Causal Effects of Prenatal Air Pollution on Pulmonary Function in Children with Asthma: An Example of Causal Inference Methods in the FACES LiTE cohort.”


Platform Sessions

Jennifer Mann. “Short-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Wheeze in Atopic Subgroups of Asthmatic Children in Fresno, California.”

Sara Gale. “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure and Increased Wheeze in a Cohort of Children with Asthma in Fresno, CA.”

FACES Meetings with Stakeholders

As part of our effort to communicate with stakeholders in the community, we held three meetings in August and October to present an overview of the study for the last eight years and the findings that have been published so far.

On August 5, 2009, we met with Fresno City and County Planners and Clovis City Planners. The planners are working with the Fresno Department of Public Health to create a toolkit that focuses on community design and the prevention of asthma. The group was very much excited to incorporate FACES data into their work.

On August 14, 2009 we met with community groups who work on asthma and air quality issues, as well as some study participants and their families. This meeting was co-hosted with the Fresno County Asthma Coalition. This meeting had representatives from most of the environmental health, air quality and asthma groups in Fresno in attendance. Their interests in FACES included the following:

  • Specific FACES data could be used for community advocacy and to support advocacy efforts;
  • FACES health data and results are important for advocating for clean air;
  • FACES results could be used for policy advocacy, future project development and funding opportunities;
  • Local data that is published and available is very valuable to the community.

On October 29, 2009 we co-hosted an event with the Fresno-Madera Medical Society that offered Continuing Medical Education credits to medical providers who are interested in learning about air quality and asthma in Fresno. Drs. Hammond and Balmes shared FACES results and discussed the studies in progress.

Spring 2009 FACES Newsletter

Check out our Spring 2009 FACES Newsletters as well as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Fact Sheet on diesel exhaust regulations.

FACES Newsletter Spring 2009

FACES Newsletter Spring 2009  Spanish

Spring 2009 Fact Sheet_Diesel Exhaust

Spring 2009 Fact Sheet_Diesel Exhaust Spanish

FACES Publication in Int. J. of Environ. Health Res.

An article using FACES data was recently published in the April issue of the International Journal of Environmental Health Research.  The lead author is FACES Investigator Helene Margolis from the California Department of Public Health.  The article is titled "Altered pulmonary function in children with asthma associated with highway traffic near residence."

You can find a summary of the article here:

Altered pulmonary function in children with asthma associated with highway traffic near residence